Application for corporate communication.

Communicate with your employees across all departments in an interactive environment of a single application. Employee services will be available to you anytime, anywhere and paperless. Easily ensure internal communication, facility management and HR.



Electronic signature

SIGN ON ANY TOUCH DEVICE Signing with german certified solution inSign is very simple. You can use a smartphone or tablet, in short, any touch device. It is a convenient form of electronic signing for financial advisors, brokers, but also banks, utility sellers and everyone who signs any documents with their partners or clients in their business practice.



Remote business communication.

DO BUSINESS WITH REMOTE CLIENTS Bridge is the world's leading provider of an online consultation platform that enables video communication, screen sharing and remote presentation of any programs and documents. It offers software solutions for global players and small and medium-sized companies. It is created with an orientation towards precise business communication and thus helps close more deals remotely.

TIPIT Ondato


Automated identity verification

ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY Ondato OS is a new approach to end-to-end KYC management. From efficient onboarding, which saves everyone time, to fast identity verification, all in a digital environment and in compliance with legislation. We provide a comprehensive operating system for the introduction of new clients, user base management, intelligence and reporting.

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