“The work of the programmer is the same as any other. If you want to do it well it has to entertain you “says programmer Jiří Hermann.

Jiri Hermann

Jiří Hermann Thas been working in the field of programming for 5 years. He graduated in Information Technology from the University of Pardubice. During his studies he was already interested in programming languages, so working in IT was a logical choice

Jirka, how long have you been gaining experience as a Java Developer and why did you choose this programming language?

I first came across it in high school. At that time, however, I certainly did not think that I would make a living from programming and more importantly Java, which was presented by our then professor, was not exactly my favorite school subject.

I didn’t really start to get into the secrets of this language until later in college. It wasn’t really until I started working that I gained my first real experience in practice and began to understand this programming language more.

What programming languages, besides Java, do you still focus on?

I am currently working on the Kotlin language, as well as this I am interested in javascript and typescript, python and sql. Then there are other framework libraries that I am learning such as react, elastic, mongodb, postgresql, rabbit, kafka, docker …

You will not have a career without having a great set of communication skills.

What soft skills are necessary for your work?

The pressure on good communication skills and functioning in a team is increasing on programmers as well. There is also a need to improve in other respects as well. Required soft skills include presentation, cooperation, negotiation, solving various crisis situations, self-reflection, the ability to adapt to change, independence and creative problem solving. The ability to resolve conflicts and be able to work with feedback is important. Last but not least, it is also necessary to constantly self-educate and have a willingness to learn new things.

You have certainly worked on a lot of projects during your career. Which one has most influenced your approach to your work?

Every project I’ve worked on so far has had some influence on it. For example, during a project for a customer in China, I not only learned diligence, perseverance, but also the fact that if I really want something and go for it, I will achieve my goal.

I then managed the next project myself. I provided the backend part of the application, which took care of the design and generation for creating scripts for data warehouses. It was very demanding but I learned independence, responsibility for delivering the functionality and also solving crisis situations.

What do you currently perceive as the biggest motivation in your work?

The biggest motivation for me at the moment is the current project I am working on at PartnersI develop backend applications here. IT technologies are evolving and moving forward very fast. I still have to learn new things, I consider this to be a huge motivation and driving force. I enjoy it.

What do you need to do to become a Java Developer?

In general, I think a person has to find a way to program, I have to fulfill it and I have fun. It’s a job like any other. And what language one chooses then is no longer so important. In Java, on the other hand, there are currently many job opportunities with the promise of stable and well-paid work.

You will meet Java in large corporations as well as in medium-sized companies and startups. It is mainly used in the development of mobile applications and server back-ends. There are also many other technologies on it – such as the Spring framework, used to develop web services. Just learn the Java language and supplement your knowledge with other dependent technologies. The more you know the more doors will open and the more job opportunities you will have.

Why did you decide to cooperate with TIP IT Solutions?

My professional profile apparently looked attractive enough to impress TIP IT Solutions. I got a reference for this company from a friend. I remember that before the start of the cooperation I had a detailed technical screening with Tomáš Topinka (CTO editor’s note). Then I went through a somewhat unusual interview in Partners, where I spent one whole day – the so-called bootcamp. I was given a task assignment, I had to analyze it, implement it and present the solution at the end of the day.

What work experience did you gain thanks to TIP IT Solutions?

Thanks to TIP IT, I started on a very interesting work project, in which I found myself. Thanks to them, I had the opportunity to gain more experience and “touch” several different new technologies.

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