Automation that saves time and money: how to get rid of monotonous work and increase your company’s efficiency in two meetings over morning coffee

The backbone of any business lies not only in its vision and products, but also in the day-to-day, monotonous work that is necessary for its functioning. These tasks can eat up a lot of employees’ time, money and potential. However, many managers are afraid to interfere with these routine processes because they fear that they might disrupt the “machine” that is already in place. If you find yourself in a similar situation, we have a solution for you.

The key to competitiveness: Business process automation as a fast and efficient tool

Competition in business is relentless, customer expectations are rising and technology is constantly evolving. To stay competitive, it is essential to reduce costs, increase quality and improve customer and employee satisfaction. There are many ways to do this, but one of the most effective is business process automation. Most importantly, this can be achieved in a short period of time.

Routine work often hinders the progress of companies. Automating these processes allows employees to focus on more important tasks. Our team at TIP IT Solutions is one of the leading experts in the field of automation on the Czech market. We help clients such as banks, energy suppliers and mobile operators move from manual processing of company documents to automated solutions using artificial intelligence. Our clients have achieved significant savings and increased process efficiency.

Billing automation with artificial intelligence: How a mid-sized company saved millions in three years

From a reference delivery, we have calculated that the client saved two and a quarter million in the first year by handing over invoice processing to AI. Within three years, it will reach a ten million savings.

The calculation was for a medium-sized company, processing about two thousand incoming invoices per month, with expected annual increases of 20%. Their system was set up so that trading partners uploaded an agreed invoice for payment. The back office then spent a lot of time reviewing it, transcribing important information, sorting it and entering it for payment. Automation with an invoice extraction component using artificial intelligence took over their grunt work, leaving people to only manually check for erroneous data. Moreover, the system learns and gets faster and more accurate with each successive operation.

Automation is not limited to back-office processes. It can also be used in manufacturing, where robots replace manual labor and increase the accuracy and speed of production. Another area where automation can be used is in field data processing, which can include collecting data from employees or end customers via mobile devices or IoT devices. Automation can also enhance customer support by providing quick and consistent answers to common questions and issues. In addition, it can be used to extract information from documents, manage paperless documents and other processes.

A New Era of Automation: Software Robots, Process Mining and Artificial Intelligence

Technological advances are making it possible to use software robots to automate processes at the level of user screens, taking automation to a new level. Process mining, artificial intelligence and cloud services also play an important role in automation.

One example of successful automation is assisted energy metering, which has replaced manual processes of field workers with mobile apps and automated data processing.

Our team at TIP IT Solutions has been able to save companies up to CZK 800,000 per year through this project.

Automation and digitalisation: how we saved CZK 800,000 a year

We replaced field workers and piles of paper forms with a mobile app with background processing using IBM BPM tool Process Automation Manager. “Do you want to wait at home for half a day for a worker to copy down two numbers in a minute and move on? Neither do we.” Basically, the way it works is that the customer takes a picture of the status of the electricity, gas or water meter in the mobile app. He then signs directly on the phone with an electronic signature – InSign. This has the weight of a guaranteed signature. The data goes to the distributor, where it is processed automatically. The advantage is not only speed and minimized printing. The data is also easily traceable in the event of a claim directly in the mobile app. “We have combined the customer app, digital signature and automation on the company side into one functional unit. The annual saving on the client side, i.e. the company, is approximately CZK 800,000.

Overcoming obstacles in automation: how to find the right path to efficiency

The main obstacle to the spread of automation in companies is often the people themselves. Some managers lack insight into where automation could help and fail to identify appropriate scenarios. Another problem is the inappropriate selection of tools and partners for automation. Poor choices can lead to dissatisfaction and failure to achieve expected results.

Our team at TIP IT Solutions offers a free consultation in the form of a Discovery Workshop where we work with the client to identify areas for optimization and automation. Based on these sessions, we then design a strategy and recommended tools. This way, you can gain insight into how to leverage automation to run your business more efficiently. Remember, the cost for this free consultation is only four coffees, two mornings and one email to [email protected].

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