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Two guys on two different paths through their professional lives were brought together by the TIP IT Solutions project. They both came from an information technology environment in which they had been gaining experience until then. Each alone in his area. Pavel was a project manager and Tomáš an IT specialist in banking. They shared a vision – to offer quality IT services with the support of know-how they had gained over the years working for clients. They both have participated in dozens of projects for the largest banks in the Czech and Slovak Republics.

The quality of a successful company creates a quality workforce

The quality of a successful company creates a quality workforce


A few years of hard work have passed and the immodest vision became a reality. Now, with more than 60 specialists, TIP IT Solutions offers its services to satisfied clients in the areas of banking, logistics, energy and telco. They help to introduce new innovative products to the market, streamline internal processes and increase customer satisfaction.

The value of a company is formed by the quality of people who work there

“We are aware that the IT industry is very dynamic and requires a great deal of flexibility and personal commitment from each of us. Everyone on the TIP IT Solutions team has the confidence in building their own path to reach their goal. This environment requires a very mature approach from all of us.” We have set up rules of functioning in the team and we respect each other so that our individual work style is in line with the needs and dynamics of the team. It makes sense to us. It’s an open-ended story and it’s up to us how it develops.”

The value of a company is formed by the quality of people who work there


Our team

Read about the people who are on our team. This is them, this is us. Everyone here is fulfilling their own life and professional dream, but we are all united by the common heart of the team, TIP IT Solutions.

Tomáš Filoun, one of our leading IT consultants continues his professional growth. He has just completed a project management course according to the methodology

We support and help

Our attitude towards business and life is not to be indifferent. It is a value that we put above all. We are aware that we live in a society in which there are people who cannot get by without outside help. That is why we try to make long-term and one-off contributions to various projects.

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