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Process tools (BPM), Business rules solution, Low-code platforms

Automation, digitization and robotization are topics that mean a dynamic development associated not only with changes in the economy, but also with the habits of functioning of individuals or entire organizations. We are ready to address this growing trend with you by covering the entire life cycle of related E2E needs, from the analysis of possible optimization, through the implementation of appropriate tools, to subsequent support.


IT/Business analysis, IT/Business architecture

We define the overall concept of IT networks and systems, their operation, backup and security. We have experience with the design of continuous technological development of information systems – their connection to the organizational structure and business processes.


Project management/SCRUM

Key factors of project management: project goals – client support – collaborators – experience – quality monitoring – division into stages – planning – project revision – context monitoring – personal commitment – documentation – completion and handover – final recapitulation.

Agile project management is an interactive way of managing projects. It is the opposite of traditional project management, the so-called waterfall management. Characteristic is the creation of continuous prototypes and their refinement and approval by the customer.


(API management, ESB, …), System integration

With the continuous trends of globalization, “cloudification” and cross-sectoral collaboration, the need to connect systems and people is an increasingly important issue. We are aware of this and therefore, within our expertise, we also focus on this area. We will be happy to solve related topics with you API management, ESB, micro services, event stream or hybrid integration (on-premise – clou


DWH/Business Intelligence (data analysis, ETL development, …), Big data (Hadoop, Python, Spark)

DWH can be defined as a simple and consistent data warehouse in which data is stored and organized (obtained from internal systems, relations between database objects, files, external sources, or object database) and created by different users and used in different processes.

We develop data warehouse solutions focused on managerial accounting, liquidity management, and external reporting. Most internal processes depend on the delivery of quality data. We provide the necessary data collection, their processing and subsequent distribution to both the end users as well as internal systems.


Back-end (Java, .NET), Front-end (Angular, React, HTML, CSS)

We create applications and IT systems E2E that help to streamline the processing of given agendas, automate, communicate and control processes.
Pracujeme s nejmodernějšími technologiemi využívanými u vícevrstvých řešení, nasazených do rozsáhlých a výkonnostně náročných projektů. We solve technology-specific development projects. We work with the latest technologies used in multi-tier solutions, deployed in large and performance-intensive projects.


SW development development is programming – the process of creating and maintaining source code, but in a broader sense it includes everything that is used from the concept design of the required software to its final deployment, usually in a planned and structured process.


Integration testing (SOAP UI), penetration test, UAT

We will understand the security risks of your business and then expose your IT project to a professionally led attack as it could actually take place. Thanks to this, we identify weak points of the system and propose the procedures for solving the problems.
The key to success in the world of security is to cover the widest possible range of modern technologies. Only this way we can help progressively developing organizations to keep up with their development.


The composition of components in IT environment

The components are hardware, software, network resources and other services, the composition means their correct structure, division, hierarchy and everything that serves effectively and purposefully in a given environment. Every specific company or firm needs a different infrastructure. It mainly depends on the size of the required information system, its complexity and the level of security.


We design and supply both the cloud infrastructure based on private cloud technologies or using the provider’s public cloud and the traditional infrastructure based on dedicated SW and HW components.


Cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, GCP, OpenShift, Heroku)

We manage the transformation of onsite infrastructure into a hybrid cloud on several projects in the field of finance and energy, where we use our knowledge of AWS vs. MS Azure. Thanks to this, we are able to offer a solution which is then implemented. Building knowledge and expertise in the field of AWS is one of our corporate priorities, all this ends with certifications of our specialists.


These platforms enable a wide range of specific services with virtually unlimited computing and storage capabilities.

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