Application for corporate communication

Communicate with your employees across all departments in an interactive environment of a single application. Employee services will be available to you anytime, anywhere and paperless. Easily ensure internal communication, facility management and HR.

Why Corporate communication App??

Every Organisation has unique requirements. With a combination of smart development and integration, the App covers all your needs.

Office8 & security

Your data is protected with military-grade security standards.

Office8 & GDPR

All modules are designed with GDPR regulations in mind.

Office8 & customization

Custom development and integration covers all your needs.

Office8 & PWA

Access Services form, anywhere, anytime. PWA is device and system agnostic.

Office8 & administration

We provide platform, you provide content for your employees.

Office8 & API integration

From Microsoft to SAP, we integrate services running on existing platforms.

Every department in one app

Internal Communication

Human Resources

Facility Management

The Award winning App

Sustainability awareness Campaign

1st place

Czech PR Association (ASPRA)

Peer to Peer Learning Module

1st place

HR Project of 2021

2021 Beyond Intranet Concept

 3rd place

Fenix Content Marketing

Content under control

Increase Employee Engagement by streamlining communication Choose which info is available to what group and location Customise User Interface to reflect Corporate Identity

What do you get?

Easy access

Access all internal applications from one App


Customise Content based on your workplace location / Business Segment


Information across all devices

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