What changes and news does eIDAS 2.0 bring?

The European eIDAS Regulation ensures secure electronic transactions between economic operators, citizens and public administrations across EU Member States. This should increase trust in electronic transactions. In September this year, an updated https://tipit.cz/en/insign-2/ and other elements.

What are the most significant changes and benefits that the updated legislation will bring?

The eIDAS Regulation has been in force since 2016 and has set conditions leading to increased trust and security of economic transactions between different entities at a distance. One of the major milestones brought about by this new regulation is the so-called qualified signature, whose legal effect is fully equivalent to that of a handwritten signature. This is intended to allow legal certainty and mutual recognition of these elements throughout the EU.

What changes and innovations does eIDAS 2.0 bring?

eIDAS 2.0 = even greater appeal for security and transparency

In almost a decade of operation of the original eIDAS Regulation, we have been able to experience all its pros and cons. In particular, eIDAS 2.0 responds to the latter, bringing new requirements for security and data protection and extending its scope to other services and entities. For example, the European Digital Identity Wallet is a new feature. This would be issued by Member States

and EU citizens could download it as an app on their mobile phones. The wallet, which will be able to upload not only driving licences but also birth certificates, certificates and other important documents, should also be used in connection with electronic signatures, their creation and use.

And how are electronic signatures?

Electronic signature and their usability were already introduced in the original Regulation, but the current update extends them even further and applies them to the private sector. To meet its ultimate goal of improving privacy protection and enabling even more transparent interoperability between different systems across the EU, eIDAS 2.0 introduces an even higher level of security and protection against forgery or identity theft. In addition, the more precise and specific requirements that individual Member States will have to adopt will ensure complete continuity and universality across the EU.

State-of-the-art technology proven by 10 million users

The benefits of electronic signatures are absolutely undeniable, both for businesses and individuals. That’s why we also offer products based on cutting-edge technology that not only move with the times, but actually make work easier. The InSign electronic signature is based on the most widely used German technology, which is trusted not only by large banks and corporations, but also by individuals. Clients who are already using it include the German financial institution ALLIANZ, the bank N26 and 150 other corporate clients. In the Czech Republic, InSign has become number one in the banking sector in its 4 years of operation. In addition, it supports all types of signatures according to the eIDAS standard (plain, guaranteed and qualified electronic signatures) and responds to the new requirements associated with the eIDAS 2.0 version.

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