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Trainee programmes are invaluable in the IT industry for talent development. 

They provide young individuals, who may be just starting their careers, with the opportunity to gain experience and practice in a real work environment. This not only allows them to develop their technical skills, but also to learn about work culture and teamwork. Trainee programmes are a kind of guide to help them discover the opportunities that IT offers and find their place in this diverse sector.

The Trainee Programme: the story of the talented talents who joined our team!

Last year, we welcomed two talented new colleagues to the team – one a medical graduate, Petro Trahnyuk, and the other a mechanical engineer, Jan Peterka. Together we embarked on a journey through our Trainee Program. Now we are proud to share their progress!

A journey through IT basics and best practice.

Under the guidance of Tomáš Topinka, they have taken courses in computer science fundamentals, data science and learned about the principles of clean code and efficient workflow in development. They enthusiastically went through the code review process of their first demo project, which allowed them to learn best practice approaches and improve their skills.

Rocket start: Our Trainee graduates created websites and changed the direction towards API development

In a short period of time, just 2 to 3 months, our talented Trainee graduates developed two new websites and got their first real opportunity as Junior Frontend developers.

Next came another important stage – the change of specialization to API developers. 

With mentors Petr Kupčík and Jan Kostka, our ambitious Trainees plunged into new challenges. They learned all about the HTTP protocol and the basics of the OSI model, worked with XML and simple XSL transformations, and understood REST and SOAP architectural styles.They are no longer strangers to OAUTH2 and have honed their skills in working with GIT and versioning systems in general.Hands-on experience in a bank or technical help desk support is just the icing on the cake!We are really proud of how our young talents are growing and developing in our environment. We are honored to be a part of their professional growth. 

Illustrative photo: Sample of the tasks for the subtest during the trainee program

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